Remote Workflows

In these changing times, crew members may be limited on set. No problem, we are ready.

With the use of Wireless HD Video Equipment & Fiber Optic Cables, all video routing and camera control functions can be handled 1000s of feet away from set, keeping talent and other crew members safe with social distancing. Need to send a video feed to people off set? With a complete IP video management ecosystem in the cloud, we can stream video on set, to anyone with an internet connection. Need to review your dailies fast & easy? 32Thirteen utilizes Frame.IO which is cloud-based collaboration platform that enables you to stay securely connected with all your content, from anywhere on the planet.

Live Grading / Color Management

Color grading multiple camera live signals requires dedicated concepts for the grading application. On set there is not much time for anything, so controls must be spot on, reduced to the necessary, and highly accessible. Achieve desired high-quality images out of every scene by giving the DP immediacy to image control and by removing all barriers to artistic image experimentation. React quickly on the DP’s changes to the stage floor by visualizing and adjusting to the iterations of production settings, camera systems, and lighting conditions.

On-Set Dailies

Dailies have been part of the filmmaking process since the dawn of the industry. For the nearly 100 years that features were shot mostly on film, the raw, unedited footage captured during production was developed at a labatory at night and printed onto film for viewing the next day. Then the director, producers, actors and crew would use this to gauge the performances, the cinematography and how the picture was progressing in general. Now, dailies are created on set with the cinematagrapher’s artistic vision intact. These color corrected offline files are sent to editorial for a speedy turn around.

Data Management

Source material is a highly valuable asset on set. In order to securely manage and control this material, 32Thirteen maintains a clearly structured process for handling source material throughout production. Documenting and sharing the results of all data management activities represents an important part of your professional every-day responsibility. 32Thirteen will generate a variety of report types such as shooting day reports, clip reports, thumbnail reports, or volume reports.

LTO Archiving

We provide long term storage via cross platform LTFS archives on LTO tapes, which is the industry standard. Linear Tape File System is a standard format for writing files to tape. It’s ideal for storing production and post media as the LTO tapes can be mounted and read on Linux, macOS and Windows. You aren’t locked into a proprietary archive.

High Speed Camera Acquisition (Slow Motion Capture)

The Phantom 4K Flex camera deliver unparalleled imaging at high speeds and resolutions. Whether a production team needs a 4K camera with a 9.4 megapixel sensor or the world’s fastest 4 Mpx camera available, the Phantom image quality remains. Options such as on-board or remote controls, and SDI video output and 10Gb Ethernet equal and easy to use system with reliable data management.  Need something faster than 1000FPS? The Phantom v2640 ONYX can do 12,500 fps at 1920 x 1080.