On-Set Dailies Creation & Transcoding

Experience the modern evolution of dailies with our on-set creation process. Preserve the cinematographer’s artistic vision with color-corrected offline files for a swift editorial turnaround. Evaluate performance, cinematography, and overall progress with ease and efficiency via DaVinci Resolve Studio or Pomfort Silverstack Lab.

Live Color Grading & Look Management

Attain exceptional imagery through our professional color grading solutions for multi-camera live feeds via Pomfort LiveGrade Studio. Experience the advantages of our optimized on-set control systems, providing the Director of Photography (DoP) with instant image manipulation and promoting creative exploration. Effortlessly adjust to shifts in production environments, camera configurations, and lighting situations.

Remote Workflows

Adapt to the evolving production landscape with our remote workflow solutions. Utilize Wireless 4K 12G or HD Video Equipment and Fiber Optic Infrastructure for video routing and camera control from a safe distance. Stream video feeds to off-set crew members through our IP video management ecosystem. Review your dailies swiftly and securely with Frame.IO, our cloud-based collaboration platform. Or we can deliver raw 4K footage, high-quality proxies, and large file formats like ARRIRAW, X-OCN, R3D, PRORES, DPX/EPX via MASV, PIX, or Media Shuttle.

Radio Frequency Coordination & Spectrum Management

Navigate the multifaceted realm of radio frequency utilization with our comprehensive Radio Frequency Coordination & Spectrum Management services. We are professionally skilled in determining frequency requirements, designing supportive communication networks, and managing on set topography to ensure wireless video, remote focus, Iris, zoom and camera control will not be comprised. We excel in maintaining and updating frequency components of network charts, diagrams, and reports. Trust our Radio Frequency Coordination & Spectrum Management services to keep you on the right wavelength.

Display Calibration

Monitor Calibration is a vital service that ensures the authenticity and consistency of images on your screen. It’s essential for both initial image grading during program mastering and final image viewing as a consumer, allowing for accurate representation of the production team’s intent and maximizing the viewing experience. Given that all displays drift over time due to screen aging, regular recalibration, suggested at least once per month, is necessary to maintain display accuracy. We aim to make your display behave as closely as possible to a professional grading monitor. Remember, regular calibration is not an option, but a necessity for maintaining display accuracy. We incorporate Calman Ultimate.

High Speed Camera Acquisition (Slow Motion Capture)

Record awe-inspiring slow-motion sequences with our state-of-the-art Phantom 4K Flex camera, delivering unmatched high-speed performance and resolution. For even greater frame rates, take advantage of the Phantom v2640 ONYX, capable of an astonishing 12,500 fps at 1920 x 1080. Enjoy the convenience of accessible features such as on-board or remote control options, SDI video output, and 10Gb Ethernet connectivity for dependable data handling.

Data Management

Confidently entrust your valuable source material to our resilient and systematic data management process. Depend on our comprehensive documentation and sharing of data management tasks using Pomfort SilverStack XT/LAB, including shooting day reports, clip reports, thumbnail reports, and volume reports. Our proven workflows ensure that your data is organized, secured, and easily accessible for all stages of your production, ensuring a seamless transition from the set to the editing suite.

LTO Archiving

Secure your long-term storage with our cross-platform LTFS archives on LTO tapes, the industry standard. Access your archived content across Linux, macOS, and Windows without being locked into a proprietary system.