32Thirteen Productions, LLC is your premier partner for cutting-edge digital imaging technology (DIT) solutions since 2007. Catering to commercial advertisers and agencies, we provide an extensive range of services designed to elevate your visual storytelling.

Our comprehensive suite of offerings includes:

  • On Set Dailies Creation & Transcoding
  • Live Color Grading & Look Management
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Radio Frequency Coordination & Spectrum Management
  • Display Calibration
  • High-Speed Camera Acquisition
  • Video/Cloud Streaming
  • Data Management
  • Fast & Secure Internet Data Transfers
  • LTO Archiving

At 32Thirteen, we are committed to streamlining your on-set digital workflow and maximizing efficiency while ensuring an unparalleled experience.

Beyond our technical expertise, we recognize the vital role of effective communication and collaboration between cinematographers and post-production teams. Our dedicated support bridges the gap, enhancing and amplifying the crucial dialogue between these two entities. With us, you can trust that the integrity of the cinematographer’s creative vision is preserved and celebrated throughout the entire process.

Join us at 32Thirteen and let us transform your creative ideas into visual masterpieces.

The International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600[2]) represents approximately 8,400 members who work throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world in film and television as Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants (1st AC, 2nd AC), Digital Imaging Technicians, Still Photographers, and all members of camera crews.

We also created a documentary:

The history of house, Chicago's own brand of dance music, is explored. The genre, which in its infancy blended cultures, styles and influences, is looked at through the recollections of various artists and pioneers.

A 32thirteen Production:

Unconscious Therapy: The Mind, Body & Soul of House Music

As disco came to a slow death in the 1970’s, House Music rose from its ashes to create a new genre of American music. This film focuses on contemporary artists featuring the world’s best DJs and Producers as they describe what this genre of music means to them. From tales about the decline of vinyl to how they achieved fame, the interwoven connections show the sense of community present within House Music. Through visually stunning imagery shot around the world, intercut with historical footage and interviews, the filmmaker brings us into their personal stories and brings the music to life.