At 32Thirteen, we’ve been providing top-notch digital imaging technology (DIT) services to commercial advertisers and agencies since 2007. Our full suite of offerings includes High-Speed Camera acquisition, Live Color Grading, Remote Camera Control, Streaming to the Cloud, Data Management, Dailies Creation & Transcoding, and archiving to LTO. We go above and beyond to ensure a seamless on-set digital workflow and optimize efficiency.

But we don’t just stop at the technical side of things. We also understand the importance of communication and collaboration between the cinematographer and post-production team. That’s why we make it a priority to assist, focus, and amplify the critical dialogue between the two, ensuring the integrity of the cinematographer’s creative vision is upheld every step of the way.

We also created a documentary:

A 32thirteen Production:

Unconscious Therapy: The Mind, Body & Soul of House Music

As disco came to a slow death in the 1970’s, House Music rose from its ashes to create a new genre of American music. This film focuses on contemporary artists featuring the world’s best DJs and Producers as they describe what this genre of music means to them. From tales about the decline of vinyl to how they achieved fame, the interwoven connections show the sense of community present within House Music. Through visually stunning imagery shot around the world, intercut with historical footage and interviews, the filmmaker brings us into their personal stories and brings the music to life.