How 32Thirteen is Handling Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has hurt so many in so many ways – but we’re working hard to ensure we provide uninterrupted service whenever our customers need us.

Giving back to Covid response

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, rosetta@home ( has been used to predict the structure of proteins important to the disease as well as to produce new, stable mini-proteins to be used as potential therapeutics and diagnostics, like the one displayed above which is bound to part of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

32thirteen has joined an international group of professional Digital Imaging Technicians in the Motion Picture Industry, and is donating collective computing power to the fight against human suffering.

Currently we are ranked 31st as a Top Team with rosetta@home

Safety Policies

32Thirteen will follow the AICP’s Workplace Guidelines and Local 600 Principles, Key Recommendations and Recommended Departmental Protocols.

Links to AICP’s documents can be found here:

All camera mags and camera accessories (Batteries, Lock-it boxes, Radios, etc) will be santized via UV-C Germicidal Lamps and Clorox Wipes when directly in contact.

Social distancing via Remote Workflows

With the use Wireless HD Video Equipment & Fiber Optic Cables, all video routing and camera control functions can be handled 1000s of feet away from set, keeping talent and other crew members safe with social distancing.

Need to send a camera feed to people off set? With a complete IP video management ecosystem in the cloud, we can stream video on set, to anyone with an internet connection.

Would you like to forgo hand delivering a dailies shuttle drive to editorial? With our high speed internet pipeline, we can move an entire days shoot of editorial dailies with our password protected and encrypted Web Portal.

Lastly, need to review your footage fast & easy? 32Thirteen utilizes Frame.IO which is cloud-based collaboration platform that enables you to stay securely connected with all your content, from anywhere on the planet.

Here is a sample of Frame IO: